Self-paced eClasses

Uniquely powerful personal development for you or your team

1 hour | 1 SHRM PDC

On-the-Spot Confidence Self-coaching eClass


A simple science-based, self-coaching process that helps you quickly deal with any confidence-challenging situation, person, or even your own self-sabotage. Modeled after the same 6-step methodology ACI coaches are trained in.

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5 hours | 5 SHRM PDCs

Real Confidence Master eClass


Real Confidence is not what you think - it's HOW. A blend of narrated presentations, worksheets and supplemental videos walk you through the brain science behind confidence and deliver the tools you need to choose, calibrate, control & communicate confidence now and forever. 

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Want to bring Real Confidence to your entire team?

Give them a very special group learning experience using the Real Confidence eclass like a book club!


Anyone can facilitate the program using the step-by-step Program Guide or we'll arrange an ACI-certified coach to run it for you! 


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Take Their Word for It


Ildiko Simon

Human Resources Manager at Fareri Associates

"This was one of the best and most valuable classes I have taken. Alyssa`s extremely engaging science-based approach paired with her client centric service fully supported me in my goals."


Craig Smith 

Sr. Product Lead at UniGroup, C.A.

"I think Alyssa is a FANTASTIC speaker. She clearly explained complex ideas (and even nerdy brain anatomy) in an extremely easy to digest manner and made it fun too."


Kellie White

Product Manager at Elsevier

"Wow! This was so helpful. I'm a natural introvert and this ...gave me so many great ideas to help me continue to move forward. You put things in such practical terms - thank you!"