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Read Confidence is a Choice, the latest book by Alyssa Dver, endorsed by leading experts at:

  • Harvard Business School
  • Harvard Medical School
  • MIT Entrepreneurial Center
  • MIT Executive Education
  • Wharton Executive Education
  • Wharton Neuroscience
  • UPenn Innovation Center
  • Yale Office of Diversity
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"Dver lays out a clear step-by-step framework for aspiring leaders to authentically build the confidence they need to succeed. Her recommendations draw on scholarly research in cognitive and social psychology. She conveys her lessons with powerful anecdotes from professional and personal contexts."

Andy Wu
Assistant Professor of Business Administration, Strategy Unit Harvard Business School Senior Fellow, Mack Institute for Innovation Management The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania

"As both an author and speaker, Alyssa Dver has the incredible ability to connect with her audience on a truly human level. Confidence is a Choice beautifully synthesizes science, data, human experience and personal compassion, furthering Dver’s mission of building confidence in us all, both personally and professionally."

Dr. Tom Bourdon, Ed.D.
Head of Inclusion & Diversity, Staples

"Books are meant to be read, ignite learning and perhaps even instigate change within one's self. Confidence is a Choice does all of that and is a book too insightful not to be shared. This is one of those rare volumes you need to give to graduates, friends, colleagues, and anyone else you care about. Get ready to learn, laugh and appreciate the gift of knowing that confidence is a choice, a decision, and skill that can be mastered."

Dr. Jeanette K. Winters
UC Berkeley Corporate Education Advisory Board HR Executive Network columnist

"With easy-to-digest bites of science and sensible insight, Alyssa Dver provides a timely guide for any person who chooses to lead with confidence and to encourage confidence in others. "

Pamela D. A. Reeve
Chair, The Commonwealth Institute

"Confidence can be an elusive leadership topic…easy to see in others but sometimes harder to attain for ourselves. Alyssa brings cutting edge psychology, and social science altogether in a simplified, enjoyable (even entertaining) way. Now anyone can learn to be a more confident leader, especially by helping others be more confident, too." "

Kristin Viera Zecca
Director, Executive Programs & Lecturer MIT Sloan School of Management

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