Confidence Self-Coaching

Hosted by
America's Confidence Coach, Alyssa Dver

We’re exhausted by COVID and everything else going on in the world.

Our brains are overtaxed. Our ability to make confident decisions has been destroyed.

Our struggles with confidence were challenging before, but now? We have no reserves left.

And yet we’re somehow supposed to start planning for the end of the pandemic?

So we're doing something we never thought we'd do. 

Join us for this special one-hour event, reclaim the confidence 2020 stole from you, and explore:
  • How and why our brains are challenged to make confident decisions
  • The 6 Ds that make up the ACI self-coaching roadmap you can put into practice immediately
  • Live coaching demo of common confidence busting scenarios


Confidence Self-Coaching


For years, we’ve been teaching coaches a methodology that’s easy, magical, and works miraculously fast.

Now, I’m going to show you how to use that methodology on yourself and I’m doing it for free.

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