eClass: Everyday Confidence Coaching


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Designed for managers, mentors, coaches, parents and anyone who is confidence curious






Master the tools and science-based techniques to reclaim your confidence so you can give it to other people, too.


What's Inside

  • 12 recorded modules plus interactive worksheets with write down and stand up exercises!
  • ACI’s Confidence Quotient Assessment, Personal Confidence Dashboard, Big Decision Checklist, and many more brain science-based tools
  • PDF copy of “Confidence is a Choice" by Alyssa Dver, ACI’s Chief Confidence Officer
  • The option to become an ACI Certified Confidence Coach
  • 9.5 ICF CCEUs

What You'll Learn

  • The science behind how your brain manages confidence and how confidence impacts your every action and reaction
  • How to identify behaviors that impact your confidence and recover faster from confidence-challenging people, situations and your own self-sabotage
  • How to have real influence and true purpose by authentically respecting your own values, needs and wants
  • Tips for communicating confidentlywhen you own your brain, you own the room!
  • Simple everyday coaching skills to support people you manage, mentor, sell to, or otherwise care about—including kids!

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eClass: Everyday Confidence Coaching



12 recorded modules plus worksheets

ACI’s Confidence Quotient (CQ) Assessment 

PDF of “Confidence is a Choice" by Alyssa Dver, ACI’s Chief Confidence Officer

The option to become an ACI Certified Confidence Coach

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eClass and Coaching Certification Package



You get everything in the eClass, plus: 

10-question, open book Certification exam

3-hr Zoom practicum led by ACI coaches

Printable certificate and LinkedIn badge 

Optional Listing on ACI's website and coaching referrals


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"Understanding the scientific reasoning behind what is happening in the brain when we lose confidence and how to overcome that has helped me personally and professionally. 100% recommend for anyone hoping to strengthen their own confidence or influence others whether it be for a leadership/manager role or for a more traditional coaching role."

Braidy Merkle
Software Engineer at Trunk Club

"The eClass was an eye-opener to me with all of the brain science behind confidence. Super detailed, engaging & one of a kind instructor. I strongly recommend this course to anyone out there looking to help themselves and those around them with confidence."

Jason Humphrey
Coding Career Fastlane

"The course sheds light on the science of confidence and provides a clear roadmap for understanding how to be your own confident self! Confidence becomes less elusive and more tangible. Great take-always for immediate implementation! "

Sharon Goldstein
Online Learning Consultant & ACI Certified Coach

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