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What Root-Source Thinking is helping or hindering YOUR confidence?

CQ is a completely confidential, online assessment that measures the deep brain thinking processes which specifically help or hurt confidence. By pinpointing these subconscious self-sabotaging thoughts, you can replace them with more confident mental scripts.


How to Get Your CQ:

  1. Register and take the timed online assessment, powered by ThinkX (20 minutes max.).
  2. After finishing the assessment, your detailed report will be emailed to explain your overall CQ and individual driver scores. The report also includes customized coaching tips and suggested next steps.
  3. Review your results to self-coach and/or share the report with your confidence coach.

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"The CQ assessment is a fantastic tool outlining areas of strengths and suggestions for areas to improve upon. It will help me become the best version of myself."

Nicole C.
Development Officer, UMass Medical School

"The Confidence Quotient assessment gave me some great food for thought and inspiration! Reading the results made me feel good as I reflected upon my growth and how I am now compared to how I used to be. It also provoked me to consider areas that are important for me to work on, such as how sometimes I feel the need for approval or can be defeatist."

Carley Corrado, PhD.
Strategist & Consultant, Enliven Leadership

"ACI’s Confident Quotient (CQ) assessment is thoughtful, straightforward, easy-to-navigate and priced right–a valuable resource for coaches, managers and leaders at all levels, with a content-rich report that easily translates into goal-oriented actions."

Maureen Cidzik
Marketing Leader & Resilience Coach

"I recently took the Confidence Quotient and reviewed my assessment report, and I have to say that so many light bulbs went off in my head. My assessment report called out areas of improvement and how the self-defeating thinking I sometimes have can dilute my confidence. The coaching tips provided in each section of the report really helped give me guidance on how I can move forward to grow my confidence – both personally and professionally."

Michelle Brown
Product Manager, Project Management Institute (PMI)

"I am always looking for ways to encourage my team to come up with new ideas, create opportunities for us, and not be afraid to take risks. I can use the Confidence Quotient assessment to support each of them to understand and strengthen their confidence so they can better handle situations and take on leadership roles."

Nancy Davis
Director Elms College, Office of Graduate and Continuing Education Admission

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